What Our Patients Say

Karen Drevo

Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me. I know if it weren’t for you I would probably never ride my bike again, and I would be in constant pain. Thanks to you I am back riding the bike I love. I really appreciate it!

Laurie Young

I was reluctant to seek out a chiropractor as I understood the challenge to find a good one was difficult. Having someone mess with my neck was daunting.
Three weeks prior to meeting Dr Crist, while riding the lawn mower at high speed I ran my head into a large branch twisting and throwing my neck back. I tolerated the increased stiffness, pain, lack of range of motion, and eventual numbness and tingling in my arms and hands when I didn’t sleep at night for week. I could hardly turn my head and neck.
Dr Crist worked me in between patients the same day I called. The motion x-ray made it crystal clear the extent of my neck injury. The allowed Dr. Crist the visual to be precise in adjusting my neck. I appreciate the skills and talent of Dr. Crist.
I equally appreciate her personal style. Dr. Crist will take the time to explain things well and get to know you.

Bill Moser

When I first went to Dr Julie I could hardly walk. She was in Exeter. When she sold out and moved to Crete I went to the person who bought her business. No relief from those treatments. I have been seeing her in Crete. The adjustment she makes keep me mobile.
Having a good chiropractor is as important as having a good mechanic to keep your car going. I have one.

Jeremy Verwey

Dr Julie Crist is a very thorough caring person that takes a serious interest in keeping people healthy. I first went to Crist Family Chiropractic due to a back injury and now I will not go anywhere else. She was able to help me get back on my feet in a short period of time and while doing so took an interest in learning about my day to day activities to help my overall health. I'm always greeted with a smile when entering the office and everyone is friendly and enjoyable to be around.

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